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For your bathroom remodeling in Tulsa OK, consider Tulsa Kitchen and Bath. There are some things to know regarding a Tulsa bathroom remodel. For one thing, per square foot, no room in the house takes more work or costs to renovate than the house’s smallest room. The combination of plumbing, electrical wiring, moisture content, and decorating projects packed into this little room creates unique demands on a Tulsa bathroom remodel. For your bath remodel in Tulsa, OK, these requirements also place unmatched value on bathroom spaces, whether in terms of day-to-day living or home property values.

Affordable Solutions

There are costs from flooring, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, countertops and numerous bathroom fixtures. We pride ourselves on offering the most affordable options in the area. A bathroom remodel in Tulsa, OK, is a more labor-intensive process. Tearing out the old bathroom amenities and wearisome tile and plumbing can be a big job. 

The biggest difference-maker in a bathroom remodel in Tulsa OK is the design and plumbing. If a homeowner wishes to move a toilet, bathtub or sink within the bathroom, extensive plumbing demo and installation will be necessary. 

Bathroom Design

Establish Your Bathroom Makeover Design for your bath remodel in Tulsa, OK. Before remodeling your bathroom, you should settle on a new design that fits your vision. There are so many different ways to approach a bathroom makeover, ranging from swapping out the vanity to gutting the space and starting over from scratch.

Here are a few design elements you need to nail down before you start your bathroom renovation:

  • Color scheme: Are you a fan of pastel hues? Or perhaps shades of dark colors fit the rest of your decor? Know ahead of time to make sure your choice of new paint doesn’t clash with your bathroom tiles.
  • New fixtures: Will you remodel or replace your shower/tub? Are you installing modern sinks? Replacing one or both of these fixtures will add to your project time and budget.
  • Storage spaces: Where will you keep your toiletries and towels post-remodel? If you’re removing a closet or room to expand the bathroom, make sure you have cabinets or shelving to make up for the storage space in your bathroom.
  • Location of utilities: Take into consideration of plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. Accurate measurements by your contractor for each of these is paramount so you don’t end up needing expensive repairs.

A freestanding tub is great for resale value in a kid-friendly neighborhood. But if your space isn’t big enough for both a bath and spacious walk-in shower (and you don’t have small children to bathe), a shower/tub combo is best. At the high-end, there might also be a nice soaking tub in there, but the walk-in shower is the top priority,

The trick is to choose upgrades that work with your routines and lifestyle—perhaps you need a bathtub since you’ll get into it every day; a wall niche if there’s nowhere to store your bathing products; two sinks instead of one. Cheerfulness is the end goal.

For your bathroom remodel in Tulsa, OK, let Tulsa Kitchen and Bath take care of your dream bathroom.

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